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The name Euramoo comes from Lake Euramoo, a shallow dumbbell-shaped volcanic crater lake located on the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland.

Euramoo has been built on the NeCTAR cloud and is offered as a Cluster-as-a-Service through QCIF’s QRIScloud. As a cluster on the cloud, Euramoo provides a flexible job submission platform which can be expanded with additional compute capacity from other QRIScloud compute pools as required.

What is Euramoo used for?

Euramoo is optimised for multiple serial jobs as opposed to large parallel ones. It will support shared memory (OpenMP) style programs as well as small footprint, low network bandwidth message passing (MPI/MPICH) workloads. It is ideally suited to large parameter sweep or ensemble applications.

Euramoo will offer a very flexible platform because more cores from QRIScloud can be added to it as demand increases and as cores are made available. Euramoo will support the Nimrod parameter sweep and workflow tools, providing additional capacity to this powerful high-level computational environment.

Who can use the cluster?

Euramoo is available for use by any researcher that belongs to a QCIF member institution or partner organisation.

Technical specifications

Euramoo is a multi-node cluster, currently comprising the following subsystems:

  • 512 AMD cores in compute nodes with 32 cores and 128Gb memory
  • 1080 Intel cores in compute nodes with 24 cores and 256Gb memory
  • 3 login node, with a load balancer
  • Torque batch scheduling system
  • 228 TB of shared storage connected via NFS (/30days file system)
  • Home directories have a small allocation of storage (250Mb) and a limit on the number of files (25,000)
  • File backup is the responsibility of the user
  • 500 GB of local scratch storage for compute purposes
  • Worker node operating system and applications
  • Centos 6 with applications including R, Matlab MCR
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with Biolinux 8 (coming soon)

About QRIScloud

QRIScloud is a large-scale cloud computing and data storage service.  It is aimed at stimulating and accelerating research use of computing across all disciplines. 

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