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Based in Queensland, QRIScloud offers researchers large-scale cloud computing and data storage services.  Its role is to stimulate and accelerate the use of computing by researchers across all disciplines.

QRIScloud lets researchers compute using large virtual clusters, host web services, store even very large research datasets, share existing data collections across research communities, and collaborate more easily with other researchers nationally and internationally, whether in government, academia or industry.

QRIScloud is part of a federally-funded, national network of research computing infrastructure designed to provide researchers with access to high-speed, high-capacity computing services. QRIScloud is managed by QCIF and jointly operated through The University of Queensland and James Cook University. To access QRIScloud services, such as setting up data storage, or launching virtual machines, please contact QCIF.

QRIScloud enables institutions to focus on their key research, knowing that compute power is readily available and that datasets generated by their researchers are stored in a safe and easily accessible location.

Using QRIScloud, researchers can:

•    Share datasets with collaborators worldwide
•    Manage and control access to their data collections
•    Leverage data collections stored in state and national RDS nodes
•    Integrate access to Queensland-based HPC facilities and specialised cloud services
•    Access virtual labs with national communities
•    Launch on-demand computation
•    Host web services
•    Access and use a wide range of existing eResearch services, tools and applications.

The QRIScloud Advantage

Massive Scale and Capabilities

By later in 2014, QRIScloud will have expanded to over 4,500 computing cores and tens of petabytes of disk and tape storage.  It runs on state-of-art software, including OpenStack, which is tuned to the needs of research.

Users of QRIScloud can directly access the other eight nodes of the national network for additional compute capacity, as well to collaborate with researchers nationwide.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
QRIScloud’s servers and storage are hosted in secure commercial quality data centres connected via the AARNet network. This provides a high-capacity, leading-edge network infrastructure and guarantees an excellent quality of service to users.

Serious Security
A range of professional security measures are implemented to ensure that your computation and data are secure. Data is fully replicated to ensure that it is always available.

Responsive support
QRIScloud’s approachable and knowledgeable support team of eResearch Analysts are waiting to help you.

QRIScloud is supported financially and otherwise through the Australian Government’s Australian Research Data Commons and the Queensland Government.

About QRIScloud

QRIScloud is a large-scale cloud computing and data storage service.  It is aimed at stimulating and accelerating research use of computing across all disciplines. 

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