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March 2020 - Highlights include: Project to standardise govt species distribution modelling; QCIF's response to COVID-19; Pieter Demmers joins QCIF as Data Innovation Program Manager; UQ to host ResBaz Brisbane 2020; USQ health data case study; Galaxy Australia contributes to global research effort into COVID-19; Winter School 2020 cancelled; CQU’s Hacky Hour is back and fully virtual!; YaRrr! The Pirate’s Guide to R.

February 2020 - Highlights include: QCIF's new CEO John Bancroft; John Bell joins QCIF board; Liz Ryan joins QFAB; ARDC invests in Australian Biocommons; New NCI HPC climbs rankings; JCU coastal ecology case study; Hacky Hour returns to JCU; R user groups start at UQ and JCU.


December 2019 - Highlights include: QFAB aids evolutionary discovery to rewrite textbooks; QCIF to lead EcoCommons Australia; QCIF in 2019—a year in review; UQ’s MeDiCI data storage fabric extended to JCU; JCU genomics researcher checks into QFAB’s Analysis Hotel; QFAB paper among most cited from PLOS ONE; QFAB at InSyB2019 and PAG2020. 

November 2019 - Highlights include: How to access Queensland Government data for your research; Australian Bioinformatics Commons; QCIF seeks a CEO; USQ Springfield's new weekly Hacky Hour; QGIS tips; Research Software Alliance survey.

October 2019 - Highlights include: QCIF helps trauma educator ease the pain of data storage; Google invests in ReDBox; Prepare for the change from NCI’s Raijin to Gadi; QCIF at eResAU2019; Hospital nutrition project claims top prize at HealthHack Brisbane; QRIScloud’s Denis Lujanski joins AARNet; QFAB at INCOB2019; Linux—smaller tools and building blocks.

September 2019 - Highlights include: Apply for national HPC access in 2020; Phil Gurney steps down as QCIF CEO; QCIF's new QUT eResearch Analyst; QCIF sponsors HealthHack Brisbane; Gareth Price at Sheldon College; Cytoscape eResearch tip.

QRISnews was on hiatus in August 2019: There was no August 2019 QRISnews issue.

July 2019 - Highlights include: QCIF to partner with Bioplatforms Australia to deliver national life sciences data portal; Changing of the guard for QRIScloud hardware; Two new hires for QCIF; eResearch Australasia 2019 workshops announced; Research Data Alliance to visit Brisbane; ResBaz and Winter School photos; Tech Talk on ReDBox and Mediaflux.

June 2019 - Highlights include: Galaxy Australia wins three QLD iAwards; Project winners of ARDC funding announced—including QCIF; The HPCs behind UQ’s all-women Chemistry paper; HealthHack app wins QLD Health eAward; Become a CVL Champion; Run your own Data Storytelling workshop.

May 2019 - Highlights include: QCIF helps Griffith researcher gain more time on national HPCs; QCIF 2019 survey results; QCIF's new Training Manager; QFAB's two new recruits; ResBaz Brisbane 2019; Software Carpentry workshops in Queensland in June; CQU's new Hacky Hour; CQU eResearch training schedule 2019; HASS Tinker training; Winter School travel bursary; ecoEd named as finalist in CAUDIT Awards; Reproducibility using QCIF & ARDC resources. 

April 2019 - Highlights include: USQ Hacky Hour case study; QCIF survey; Winter School 2019; Edan Scriven becomes QCIF's newest eResearch Analyst; HealthHack; QFAB workshops; and tips for using several HPCs via QRIScloud.

March 2019 - Highlights include: QCIF launches open data tool; Chantelle Pinnington joins QCIF as the new JCU eResearch Analyst; $25m funding boost for QLD scientific infrastructure; QCIF acknowledged in three research papers; Update of our CQU FruitMaps case study; and news from the QCIF Image Repository Show and Tell.

February 2019 - Our special issue on Data Enhanced Virtual Labs, including virtual labs for HASS (Tinker), ecology (ecocloud), and bioinformatics (Galaxy Australia). Also, Troy Lockett joins QCIF as Business Development/Communications Manager.


December 2018 - Highlights include: QRIScloud features new flavours and containers; ARC grants for QLD; QUT joins AeRO; Australian Threatened Bird Index launched; The do's and don'ts of happy HPC usage; QRIScloud Help Desk holiday hours; and Hacky Hours to return early next year.

November 2018 - Highlights include: QCIF staff seconded to plan national eResearch resources; Valentine Murigneux joins QFAB; QCIF is hiring; Hybrid training in bioinformatics a hit; QCIF at eResearch Australasia 2018; QCIF and QFAB staff in demand at conferences; AeRO at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018; ARDC consultation in Brisbane; Tech Talks return in 2019; Save the dates for eResearch Australasia 2019 and the Winter School in Mathematical & Computational Biology 2019.

October 2018 - Highlights include: QCIF and AURIN support Griffith’s Regional Innovation Data Lab; USQ music researcher’s use of QRIScloud; QFAB Analysis Hotel; Amanda Miotto wins Women in Tech award; Health Hack 2018 winners; UCSC Genome Browser workshop and webinars.

September 2018 - Special edition on geospatial data. Highlights include: CQU data tool eases "mango madness"; QCIF supports geospatial data-centric research; Researchers can access QLD roads data via QRIScloud; USQ tackles Australian agriculture's weeds using QRIScloud;  QCIF's new Geospatial Data Officer; Four-year plan to upgrade QRIScloud; QFAB's hand in UQ group's Nature paper; and Brisbane Microscope Facility Forum.

August 2018 - Highlights include: QRIScloud-powered app to increase profitability of nation's beef industry; QRIScloud supports Australia's Threatened Species Index project; New QCIF eResearch Analyst at JCU; Minister mentions QFAB-developed app; and Galaxy Australia training rolls out nationally.

July 2018 - Highlights include: National HPC access via QCIF paves way for ECR's bright future; QRIScloud expansion; USQ's ReDBank service; ReDBox 2 previewed in Montana; ODI-AN's new CEO; Winter School photos; Tech Talk on Internet of Things.

June 2018 - Highlights include: QCIF delivers new authentication services; QFAB's member clinics and Analysis Hotel; Prof. Matt Bellgard joins QCIF's board; DMF Users Group; EMB-ABR interviews QFAB's Dr Gareth Price; Pawsey online courses; Research Bazaar Brisbane photos; configuring Nectar instances to auto update.

May 2018 - Highlights include: National eResearch to benefit from a $72M funding boost; 2018 QCIF survey results; QCIF’s new UQ and Griffith board members; Data Submission Service for life scientists; USQ’s new monthly Hacky Hour; Pawsey training in Brisbane; Pawsey Uptake Project; ResBaz; Health Hack.

April 2018 - Highlights include: Australian Environmental Microbiome Research Data Cloud; Provisioner leads advances in research data management; ResBaz Brisbane 2018; QFAB's 2018 training schedule; QCIF mints new Carpentries instructors; Griffith's Carpentry in R workshop; Health Hack Brisbane 2018; UQ Winter School 2018.

March 2018 - Highlights include: QRIScloud delivers satellite data to the public; Galaxy-QLD becomes Galaxy Australia; Nicko Matigian joins QFAB; ODI Australian Network's new CEO; USQ eResearch training; Hacky Hour UQ's BioLab sessions; QUT's February 2018 Software Carpentry workshop; QFAB's Dr Gareth Price speaks at eHealth event; QCIF attends eResearch NZ 2018.

February 2018 - Highlights include: QCIF's plans for 2018 and beyond; QRISdata collections now even easier to access; the Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities; Tech Talk; Third Spacer Lunch; Software Carpentry workshops in QLD; Streamformatics; QCIF and ReDBox at eResearch NZ; QFAB trains more than 250 researchers in 2017; OpenRefine eResearch tip.


December 2017- Highlights include: QCIF in 2017—a year in review; Nectar virtual labs; Apollo workshop launches new training model; Dr Nick wins largest ARC grant in QLD; Kathy Green to retire as QCIF's Executive Officer; Dr Nick's kidney research discovery and paper; QUT's 'bioeconOMICS' workshop; and Sydney's OpenStack Summit 2017.

November 2017- Highlights include: New HPC for QLD research (goodbye Euramoo, hello Awoonga); QRIScloud's Aspera service to be turned off; Amanda Miotto joins QCIF as an eResearch Analyst for Griffith; Hacky Hour starts at QUT; QCIF releases new ReDBox RAP; QRISdata's object storage interface; Nectar/QRIScloud shared filesystem service for VMs; Nectar's database service adds support for Postgres; QCIF at eResearch Australasia 2017; Health Hack Brisbane 2017 winners; training events.

October 2017- Highlights include: QCIF supports big imaging data; New Nectar database service available on QRIScloud; QCIF CEO joins AeRO as co-chair; Prof. Robyn Ward joins QCIF's board; QCIF's Dr Nick co-authors Nature paper; eResearch Australasia 2017; Brisbane Health Hack offers free childcare; Software Carpentry at JCU and USQ; Seminar on IT in natural disaster management.

September 2017- Highlights include: QRIScloud upgrade; life sciences data sets survey; NCMAS 2018 call for applications; QCIF allocations on FlashLite and NCI's Raijin; Pawsey's Energy and Resources Merit Allocation Scheme; travel grant for women in STEM; National Computational Merit Allocation Commitee; changes to QCIF's board; new QRIScloud systems engineer; Health Hack 2017; QFAB, JCU and USQ workshops.

August 2017- Highlights include: Euramoo being rebuilt as the Awoonga HPC cluster; RAiDs to be added to QRIScloud data collections; QCIF signs up as a Software Carpentry member; QCIF trials object storage for QRIScloud data collections; Stemformatics' Hierarchical Cluster to handle more genomics data set types; 'Best Data Practices in Life Sciences' paper.

July 2017- Highlights include: EcoEd, a new ecoscience training program; QUT's new QCIF eResearch Analyst; Belinda Weaver's new role; QCIF's Dr Jeff Christiansen on Open Science; ReDBox at the Open Repositories 2017 conference; QCIF's SQL workshop at ODI Queensland.

June 2017- Highlights include: Cloud computing enables genomics researchers to devote more time and resources to research; Have your say on accessing government data; Library Carpentry and the Mozilla Global Sprint 2017; Pawsey training; EMBL-ABR Roadshow; Winter School; eResearch 2017; Health Geography Study Group workshop.

May 2017 - Highlights include: QRIScloud's Nextcloud service now in production; NCRIS Roadmap released; QCIF's new CEO; QCIF's user survey results; Galaxy-qld file cleanup; QFAB turns 10; NCRIS symposium; UQ Winter School; Mozilla Global Sprint; Galaxy-qld events.

April 2017 - Highlights include: Dr Phil Gurney announced as QCIF's new CEO; QCIF customer survey 2017; 1000. Genomes Mirror; Nectar Application Catalogue; Prof. Stuart Crozier joins QCIF Board; USQ teams in CSIRO's ON program; BCCVL to showcase in. England.

March 2017 - Highlights include: QRIScloud and Nectar clock up 1,100 and 10,000 users respectively; ODIQ and QCIF partner; AURIN Portal survey; Submissons to the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap published; Australia and NZ sign research agreement; USQ's Dr Erin Rayment joins QCIF board; a Program Manager and Bioinformatician join QCIF's team; ResBaz Brisbane 2017 highlights.

February 2017 - Highlights include: ResBaz Brisbane 2017; new service QRIScomputeHA; 150 GB of storage for QRIScloud's Nextcloud users; Gareth Price joins QFAB; overview of QCIF/QRIScloud in 2016; Adam Sparks becomes 100th rOpenSci member.



December 2016 - Highlights include: Launching applications on Nectar VMs; QFAB support for grant applications; draft 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap; QUT gains two new QCIF eResearch Analysts; Open Data Pathway; QLD GovHack winners; Dr Marlies Hankel promoted; Dr Nick Hamilton nominated for two IMB awards; Kathy Dallest places in UQ competition.

November 2016 - Highlights include: New QRIScloud service for hosting research web portals; Nextcloud service on QRIScloud; Brisbane to host eResearch Australasia 2017; Library Carpentry funding; ReDBox version 1.9 released; QCIF seeks a new CEO; Jo Morris joins QCIF; QFAB to hire more bioinformaticians; UQ joins AeRO; Dirty COW; ResBaz 2017; Brisbane HealthHack 2016 winners.

October 2016 - Highlights include: QCIF at eResearch Australasia 2016; CLIMB UK adopts Australia's GVL; Galaxy-qld meetups launched; New QRIScloud Systems Engineer; Brisbane HealthHack 2016; USQ Software Carpentry workshop; Griffith Hacky Hour helps its 100th researcher.

September 2016 - Highlights include: DustWatch Australia's use of QRIScloud; NCMAS 2017 call for applications; Copernicus Australia's Regional Data Hub; Griffith wins Queensland Spatial Excellence Award; RCC adds GenomeSpace to Galaxy Queensland; QCIF's Dr Marlies Hankel co-authors paper on novel anode materials for lithium ion batteries; International Data Week.

August 2016 - Highlights include: AWRI's use of QRIScloud in Chardonnay genomics research; TERN, RCC and QCIF develop portal for reproducing scientific workflows and results, Galaxy-qld's new user policy; NCI receives funding boost; BCCVL adds five new climate data sets; IAG's Health Geography Study Group; USQ's inaugural Software Carpentry workshop.

July 2016 - Highlights include: New QRISdata tools Aspera and Mediaflux; Cloud Power Users; JCU's new Hacky Hour; GovHack 2016; call for ResBaz 2017 volunteers; NCMAS committee call for expressions of interest; Mozilla Science Lab Fellowships. 

June 2016 - Highlights include: Euramoo users gain access to MATLAB; AURIN's Brisbane workshops; USQ's new HPC; QCIF 2016 user survey; QCIF at QUESTnet; QRIScloud in ITnews; Queensland Digital Champions; Software Carpentry extends across Queensland.

May 2016 - Highlights include: QRIScloud large memory node helps QBI gain advantage; Griffith's new QCIF eResearch Analyst; JCU and Griffith endorse QRIScloud; QCIF eResearch Analysts upskill in three-day workshop; RCC selects a new UQ HPC system.

April 2016 - Highlights include: med.data, MATLAB, MeDiCI; Nectar National Server Program; QFAB@QCIF training; QCIF annual customer survey; QRIScloud compute node outage; Monthly Tech Talk; Belinda Weaver elected to Software Carpentry Steering Committee.

March 2016 - Highlights include: QCIF and QFAB merge, a new eRA for JCU, AURIN Map, Compute Lite service, Deep learning with QRIScloud GPU nodes, Beacon and human genomics data sets, NCMAS on FlashLite, and QCIF joins SIBA. 

February 2016 - Highlights include: QCIF partnership with Aurin, Light-speed microscope image processing, USQ and CQU endorse QRIScloud, Research Bazaar, and Software Carpentry.



December 2015 - Fighting Superbugs, Enhanced Collection Access Management, QRIScompute upgrades to OpenStack Kilo, BCCVL, Queensland's first ResBaz

November 2015 - QRIScloud helping with climate change research, and highlights from eResearch Australasia 2015 and HealthHack, and introduces QRIScloud usage reports.

October 2015 - Introduces a range on new additions to the QRIScloud portal, highlights eResearch Australasia, NCI applications, Software Carpentry, and more.

September 2015 - Announces the release of the QRIScloud Guide. Introduces the QRISmarketplace. Describes updates to the portal.

August 2015 - QCIF services workshop outcomes, NCRIS 2015 funding, Chris Bridge joins the QCIF board, GovHack, and the Winter School.

July 2015 - Announces Graham Chen's retirement, sign-up for QRIS alerts, USQ's 10Gb AARNet link upgrade, Node Connect, and BCCVL wins QLD iAward.

June 2015 - Describes QCIF's response to VENOM, the value of QRIScloud's data replication, new ReDox releases, and reaching 3 PBs of research data.

May 2015 - Introduces the new QRIScloud services portal and the new data-intensive high performance computer named Flashlite

February 2015 - Introduces the new storage data centre facility, the Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Lab (BCCVL), and Large Memory VMs



December 2014 - Season's Greeting message

December 2014 - Describes the expanded Compute and Storage services, the planned shift of the data centre, and introduces new data access capabilities

October 2014 - Provides an update of the expansion of QRIScloud’s storage capacity and other third quarter activities 

May 2014 - The inaugural issue of the QRISnews which introduces QRIScloud’s computing and advisory services



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