The QRISdata service provides high-volume data storage capacity for research data. The service can support storage of your working data, sharing of your data with other researchers, and data archiving. QRISdata also provides a range of tools to help you to manage your data, enable data collaboration, and enable fine-grained control access. Depending on the storage option you select, QRISdata may be replicated on tape storage, and/or stored in multiple locations. Data is stored in a Tier3 data centre based in Queensland, which provides a more reliable place to store research data than USB drives and portable hard disks. QRISdata services are designed to complement well-managed data storage provided by your institution.

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QRISdata storage is generally allocated for research data collections. Allocation is generally done on merit, taking into account the data's research significance and its value to the wider research community. Some storage is allocated for collection development purposes. In either case, your application needs to be assessed by our Resource Allocation Committee. We can pre-allocate a moderate amount of storage if your need is urgent.

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This service allows users to find collections of data held on QRIScloud. See the current list of QRISdata collections, and links to data portals (where these have been created by collection custodians). Many collections are also discoverable through Research Data Australia or through institutional repositories such as UQ eSpace and QUT's Research Data Finder. To find out more, contact your university's eResearch Analyst.


Background to QRISdata

QRIScloud comprises the Brisbane and Townsville nodes of the federally funded Research Data Services (RDS) and the National eResearch Collaboration and Resources (Nectar) projects. The primary purposes of RDS storage are to:

  • Maintain data collections of lasting value to Australian research
  • Encourage the creation of new data collections as outcomes from research projects.

The QRISdata component of QRIScloud provides data storage services capable of holding very large amounts of data (up to several petabytes) in a physically secure environment. Our services are better than storing research data on USB drives and portable hard disks, and are designed to complement well-managed data storage provided by your institution. Our data storage facilities are housed (in part) in a Tier 3 data centre. Depending on a collection's storage provisioning, it may be replicated on multiple media and in multiple data centres. However it is important to note that we do not guarantee high availability or high security. Our use of data replication is designed to protect against loss due to hardware failure rather than loss due to user error. We specifically do not provide file backup and recovery as a service.

About QRIScloud

QRIScloud is a large-scale cloud computing and data storage service.  It is aimed at stimulating and accelerating research use of computing across all disciplines. 

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