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Apps & Tools

QRIScloud offers a range of research applications, some broadly usable and others specialised to research communities.

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The Genetics Virtual Lab lets biologists use a suite of genomics analysis tools that currently often require specialist assistance.

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eSpaces is an intuitive web platform for research collaboration. Researchers can easily create eSpaces – web-based sites – that allow content, files, and pages to be stored securely, with the flexibility of access via the web and mobile devices. The system provides granular permissions, allowing a range of types of security. This makes eSpaces perfect for spanning a range of researcher needs, from public-facing research portfolio or project pages, through to a secure collaborative environment, and anything in between.

ReDBox (Research Data Box) helps the research community describe and share information about research data collections. ReDBox has been designed to assist universities in bringing their research metadata under management, meeting the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, and interfacing with Research Data Australia, the national research data discovery system.

Quadrant is a secure, ethical and efficient online collaborative project management tool for participant based research. Quadrant allows you and your team to power your research by helping you track participants, manage and collaborate on your participant based research projects. If you use spreadsheets, emails and file sharing software to manage your research, then Quadrant is for you.

For collections which require advanced digital asset management capabilities QRIScloud offers the Mediaflux system. Mediaflux stores data transparently to users, but makes any part of it rapidly discoverable by leveraging the power of metadata.


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QRIScloud is a large-scale cloud computing and data storage service.  It is aimed at stimulating and accelerating research use of computing across all disciplines. 

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