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QRIScloud Services

QRIScloud delivers a flexible range of services tailored to meet the requirements of researchers, members, and partners. This document summarises the QRIScloud service catalogue. Further information is available in the QRIScloud Guide.

The QRIScloud service catalogue is organised as a hierarchy with each catalogue item (and sub-item) representing an individual service that a QRIScloud user can request for provisioning. Some of the services in the QRIScloud service catalogue are currently not requested through and/or provisioned by QRIScloud. This is due to the level of integration between QRIScloud and third-party providers and the continued evolution of the service delivery platform. With tighter integration with third-parties and the maturing of the service delivery platform, more and more services will be able to be requested and provisioned through QRIScloud.


Item Sub-Item Description Request through
Standard Storage Frequent Access A disk storage and access facility for datasets that are either changing or require frequent access. Offered through NFS interface and SSH.
Infrequent Access Combined disk and tape storage and access facility for datasets that are accessed less frequently, are less volatile and are not being used for compute intensive work. Offered through NFS interface and SSH.
MeDiCI Provides an enhanced disk caching layer with tape storage to present the same data collection simultaneously to multiple services via local caches. Data is seamlessly replicated between local caches and the home cache. Data can be accessed via NFS, SSH, Nextcloud  (browser-based sync-and-share), Swift,  S3, and CIFS. QRIScloud
Archive Storage   Archival storage for datasets. Data may be held off-line. QRIScloud


Item Sub-Item Description Request through
Virtual Machine Compute Intensive In Compute Intensive, virtual machines are configured such that each virtual CPU (vCPU) corresponds to a physical core on the underlying computer. Nectar Research Cloud
Compute Lite In Compute Intensive, virtual machines are configured such that they are over-committed to share the physical cores and memory on the underlying computer, allowing more virtual machines to run on a single compute node. These virtual machines are suited to less intense workload, such as web portals. Nectar Research Cloud
Computational Storage Volume Storage High-speed persistent disk storage that can be written and read like a physical computer’s hard drive. Volume storage is independent of VMs and can be attached to a single VM at a time for computation. Nectar Research Cloud
Object Storage Storage that contains "objects" that an application can "get" and "put" using the HTTP protocol.  Suited to data that is written once and read often. Nectar Research Cloud
Manila Storage Presents a File System-as-a-Service which can be simultaneoulsy connected to multiple VMs within a tenant. Nectar Research Cloud
NCI HPC   High performance (supercomputer) compute facility. Allocations can be requested annualy through the NCMAS round, or all through the year through QCIF's NCI allocation. NCI / QRIScloud
FlashLite   A research computer to conduct data-intensive science and innovation. FlashLite supports applications that need very high performance secondary memory as well as large amounts of primary memory. FlashLite is not a general purpose HPC system. QRIScloud


Item   Description Request through
Marketplace An application and services portal to provide access to portals, applications, and tools to enhance research. Applications in the marketplace can be operated and supported either through QRIScloud or third-party providers. QRIScloud


Innovation services
Item   Description Request through
Engagement services Expert advice to help match QRIScloud services to research needs and to realise the value of the services and to maximise the use of services. QRIScloud
Engineering services Software engineering expertise to develop and deliver software services and products. QRIScloud
Managed services System administration and data management expertise to deliver end-to-end managed services of your QRIScloud resources. QRIScloud

About QRIScloud

QRIScloud is a large-scale cloud computing and data storage service.  It is aimed at stimulating and accelerating research use of computing across all disciplines. 

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