Shannon Lindsay

Shannon Lindsay

Shannon Lindsay

USQ music researcher hopes to uncover the keys to creativity

University of Southern Queensland PhD student Bonnie Green is looking at piano teaching practices and how they have either promoted or denied the creativity of those who go on to become piano teachers.

She is using QRIScloud for data and document storage and is thankful to have a free, secure system that readily aligns with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, 2007.

CQU data tool eases “mango madness”

A CQUniversity-developed data tool is helping Australian mango growers determine a number of harvesting factors ahead of time: crop size, when to pick, and how many labourers to hire and cartons to purchase.

FruitMaps, developed by Professor Kerry Walsh and postdoctoral research fellow Zhenglin Wang, takes real-time data from multiple sources and displays them visually to provide a simple, free, online decision support tool adapted for use by farmers to assess fruit maturity and assist harvesting planning. The data collections that underpin the tool, which is in its pilot stage, are stored on QRIScloud, QCIF’s cloud computing service.

QRIScloud-powered app to increase profitability of Australia’s cattle industry

Running a cattle farm in northern Australia is challenging. The harsh environmental conditions, vast geographical expanse and remoteness can make it tough for farmers to return a good profit on their stock.

Over the years, beef producers in the region have realised the key to profitability is cattle fertility rates and the genetic hardiness of their stock.

With a small team of researchers, CQUniversity Professor of Agriculture Dave Swain has invented and developed ground-breaking new animal monitoring systems that link biology with technology, combining automated livestock management hardware, such as weighing systems, with cutting-edge software so that beef producers have a precise understanding of individual animal performance.

QRIScloud supports globally significant Australian Threatened Species Index project

The Australian Government currently lists more than 1,800 species of animals and plants in the nation as being threatened.

Surprisingly, Australia currently does not have national reporting on threatened species trends, a situation that has major policy and management consequences.

A Threatened Species Recovery Hub research team, led by the University of Queensland (UQ) in close partnership with BirdLife Australia, is working to plug that gap, with help from QCIF and QRIScloud infrastructure, Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) and UQ’s Research Computing Centre (RCC).

National HPC access via QCIF paves way for researcher’s bright future

QCIF offers a number of services for researchers from our member universities who need to gain access to world-class HPC resources. These include training courses, face-to-face support, and a “grant” program to fund early-career researchers to get a track record in the use of national HPC facilities.

Dr Jed Burns, an early-career researcher (ECR) within The University of Queensland’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, is looking to tackle a big problem.

Cloud Computing Enables Genomics Researchers To Devote More Time And Resources To Research

The University of Queensland’s Microbial Genomics Lab is increasingly using QCIF and RCC-managed cloud computing resources in a bid to reduce time and financial constraints.

The lab, in UQ’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, is using cloud computing for a range of ARC and NHMRC-funded projects that use genomics to investigate multi-drug resistant superbugs. The custom-built compute infrastructure will also support rapid investigation of healthcare-associated bacterial outbreaks through a recently announced Queensland Genomics Health Alliance project.

QRIScloud delivers satellite data to Australian farmers, govt and the public

Dan Burnham, a fifth-generation cattle grazier, is happy. Ground cover on his certified organic 2,500-hectare property, near Thangool in central Queensland, is up approximately 10 per cent.

Good ground cover — earth with grass or other plants — is essential not only for grazing, but also to minimise flood damage and polluting runoff. Healthy paddocks result in healthier livestock and better financial returns for the grazier.

Mr Burnham’s increased ground cover is partly thanks to Vegmachine — a free, fast online tool providing Australians with world-class, detailed ground cover analysis to help with grazing and land management decisions.

DustWatch Australia: wind erosion modelling for sustainable land management

During the last decade, wind erosion of soils has removed millions of tonnes of valuable topsoil from Australia’s agricultural and pastoral lands, reducing capacity to produce food and affecting the economy. The loss of topsoil can also negatively affect biodiversity, the climate and air and water quality.

During an Australian dust storm on 23 September 2009, more than 2.5 million tonnes of soil was blown off the Australian coast. The economic impact of this event on the NSW economy alone was conservatively estimated to be almost $300 million.

TERN, RCC and QCIF develop portal for reproducing scientific workflows and results

Reproducibility of research results has long been a hot topic amongst scientists.

As science becomes more data and computationally intensive, the harder it has become to reproduce others’ research. Not only is access to the data required, but also access to the same software, operating systems and other tools used.

A Queensland-based team led by the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) has taken a step towards addressing this issue by developing infrastructure for reproducible science in the form of a virtual desktop, accessed by a web-browser, called CoESRA: Collaborative Environment for Ecosystem Science Research and Analysis.

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